Not looking good

Brandon Jennings tallied the fifth highest point total for a rookie in NBA history last night, notching a tidy 55 against Golden State. Jennings' double nickel ranks behind only scrubs like Wilt Chamberlain (58 twice), Rick Barry and Earl Monroe.

Jennings' career is just seven games old, so obviously it's too early to induct him into the HOF. But those seven games have made the Knicks' selection of Jordan Hill ahead of Jennings look mighty suspect. The Knicks limped to a 1-9 start with Hill rarely finding his way onto the court, and Jennings is the talk of the league.

Knicks fans are looking to the '10 free agent class for hope, but even if the Knicks lure Lebron or Wade to the Big Apple, fans will inevitably start to wonder how good the Knicks could have been with one of those big free agents and Jennings.

As many daggers as Knicks fans have endured in recent years, this has a chance to be the biggest one yet.

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