According to reports all over the internet, Larry Johnson will soon be a member of the Bengals.

Marvin Lewis has stated that Johnson will be a fourth running back and possibly play on special teams initially. I don't get it.

I will admit straight away that I personally don't like LJ. But that's not why I hate this move. The Bengals are coming off a great win, are in control of their division and finally starting to change their image as an incompetent franchise with a team full of felons.

Why bring Johnson - who was cut by the Chiefs for using gay slurs and criticizing Kansas City coach Todd Haley on Twitter - into such a good situation?

If the Bengals were a 7-2 team with one obvious weakness like a vulnerable cornerback, I could see taking this kind of risk on a player. But bring in a controversial player, past his prime, who you admittedly expect to be nothing more than insurance? Makes no sense.

The Bengals have played great football this year, and if not for the Denver miracle in Week 1 would be 8-1. Even with that loss, I think this team, surprisingly, is a legitimate contender for the AFC title.

If it ain't broke, don't sign a bigot.

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