The Cavs stink

After they dominated the first quarter, I've had to endure the Cavs being run off the floor for the rest of the game by the Wizards. Yes, the 2-7 Wizards. The Cavs are now down 17 with under four minutes to play.

This loss will drop Cleveland to 8-4 on the year, which on the surface isn't bad, but the Cavs really haven't played well all year and are way behind the pace of last year's 66 wins.

Could my rage about this situation have anything to do with my taking Cleveland over 61 wins in a pool? Anything's possible, but the fact remains Lebron and the Jamesettes don't look good.

Well, Lebron looks fine. As for the rest of you, I expect you to cover the $50 I'm going to owe for this over/under pool. Cash or check.


  1. hey who did you pick with your first pick in that pool? how is that team doing?

  2. lets all fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!