The Giants have given up 40 points for the 5th time this season in today's game against the Vikings in what is one of the most astonishingly shameful performances in franchise history.

I didn't expect the Giants, with their season already over, to win or play particularly inspired football today. But for a team I thought had some mental toughness and some pride, this is a total "poop" show.

Bill Sheridan is gone, and a lot of these defensive players need to go as well. Last I checked the Giants had missed 18 tackles in today's game, and that was late in the third quarter when I turned the game off because it was causing me to projectile vomit.

Of all the teams I root for, the Giants are the last I'd expect to turn in a performance like this. But that's just the kind of awful year it's been. At least I have the Mets to look forward to - sigh.

Decisions, decisions

In case you haven't noticed, we've been a little skimpy with the posts lately. The four of us have been a little swamped lately, for different reasons, and that has made posting more difficult. After much thought, we are going to do our best to continue the site. We're going to do our best and see what happens. If we find we can't post often enough or devote enough attention, we'll shut it down. But for now, there are too many potential rippees out there.

- Tony G. Dagger


In Case You Live In A Cave

This just in from the Associated Press: athletes don't have to pass the same academic requirements to be admitted into college as regular students.

Read the story.
I'm not kidding, that's basically what it says.

Sure, sure there's a lot of good research done by the writer and it goes a little more in depth, but is there really anything in that 2,000-word-or-so report that even the most casual sports fan didn't know? I mean, did anyone think the criteria to get into school was tougher for freaks of nature who can run 4.4 40s, do reverse windmills or hit tape-measure home runs?

These loosely-termed scholar athletes make their schools millions and millions of dollars. Thus, when evaluating that 4.4 speed versus a 1.7 GPA, what do you think usually wins out?

The report was worth reading, however, just for the particular details on the University of Texas, whose football team will face another beacon of knowledge, Alabama, for the national championship Jan. 7. Texas was one of seven division I football schools to say it doesn't have any "special admissions programs." That's obviously just a technicality, though, since its freshmen football players averaged a 945 on their SATs from 2003-2005, a whopping 320 points below the average freshman longhorn.

The other six schools refusing to admit that they lower their standards to raise their athletic programs were Air Force (interesting), Connecticut and Kansas St. (shockers), Purdue, Virginia and Tennessee, which apparently only admits potential or prior felons to play football.

Another highlight was the fact that the study found that athletes at California, a highly-regarded institution of higher learning, were 43 times as likely to receive special admissions treatment. Anyone who's ever seen the school's former standout running back Marshawn Lynch give an interview, however, would instantly be able to tell the guy wasn't exactly being asked to tutor fellow classmates in physics lab.

This doesn't just happen with the big sports (where it makes financial sense) either. I once heard an announcer during a Final Four field hockey game (don't ask) comment that a star player had gotten a 1200 on her SAT and that she had even turned down going to Harvard. I found it funny since I thought you needed a 1300 to even be a janitor there.

But alas, that's the system that exists today in college sports. People who aren't qualified get into schools and then get passed through the system in order to stay eligible.

If you didn't realize that long ago, though, you're just as dumb.


What a Shock

Wow - Brett Favre is making a mess again. I'm stunned.

We've learned over the last few days that Favre has been in a little tiff with Brad Childress primarily over the control each has over the offense. Former teammate Leroy Butler called Favre a diva today as if that's some kind of breaking news.

It amazes me that Favre continues to get away with this stuff. He's become insufferable over the last few years between the fake retirements, throwing the Jets under the bus before this season and now this. He acts like he's Michael Jordan, and while I admit he's a great player and an obvious hall-of-famer, he's not on the Jordan level.

I'm sure people like Mr. Buckner will tell me how crazy I am, that Favre is the man. I'm sorry, but to me he's become a whiny jerk. Don't look now, but Minnesota, who many people thought was the best team in football a few weeks ago, has looked very average in recent weeks.

As Favre continues to be a distraction and his level of play declines late in the season as it has in recent years, I'll be looking forward to watching him ride out of the playoffs and into the sunset.

Until he un-retires again.


Mets: When beggars are losers

There will be plenty more thoughts to add about the pathetic, lowly and inept Mets as this farce of an offseason continues to unfold for them. Personally, I anxiously await the day they bag the pursuit of Jason Bay and Matt Holliday because the ungrateful louts seek more than four years, then lock up Angel Pagan to a five-year extension after a strong six weeks to start the season. That would be (will be?) classic Jeff Wilpon/Omar Minaya.

People say the rich get richer when it comes to the Yankees. Well, the dumb grow dumber in Flushing. According to this wonderfully executed column by Mike Vaccaro in the Post, salespeople have called prospective season-ticket holders and questioned their loyalty as fans because they are hesitant about re-upping plans.


I "question" watching a new Chris O'Donnell movie or stuffing my face in dog poop because, well, these things stink. So do the Mets. The pathetic, inept Mets — the team that ranks third across baseball in earning power yet turns the hat upside down every winter like a beggar.

Why should I fork over my hard-earned cash to an owner who has made the following significant financial additions to his payroll since the team launched its own network (SNY) and moved into a brand-spanking-new stadium (Citi Field):

2006: Billy Wagner (but traded for Carlos Delgado and Paul LoDuca, good)
2007: Moises Alou
2008: Johan Santana, Luis Castillo
2009: Frankie Rodriguez (traded for J.J. Putz — again, good)
2010: Henry Blanco, Chris Coste, Ryota Igarashi, R.A. Dickey — the last one's not official yet, so cross your fingers

So does this club deserve your money? No, no, one-thousand times no. Just your eternal disdain.

Look at the major transactions. The Mets signed two closers out of necessity and each received around $10 million a year — fine, but hardly bottom-line busters for a club with its own network. So they have really made one major signing in five offseasons (Santana) and nothing else out of the ordinary.

Think about that. Now think about the next time you hear them talk about "playing aggressively in the market," and do me a favor: DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.

The Mets lie. Their owners are frauds who should sell to people willing to run one of the top three earning teams (Yanks, Red Sox, Mets) like it deserves to be run. The Wilpons may be nice men, but you can't tread water in the deep end of this pool. You either swim or get out.

All these Mets want is your money. But they do not deserve your cash or your respect until they prove worthy of it.


Nick Snake-ban

I just heard Nick Saban snap at the media during a press conference, talking about how he isn't concerned about winning a national title, he just wants his team to play "its best football." He added, with a nasty edge in his voice, that he wishes the media wouldn't ask his team about winning the championship.

Who is he kidding? He wants reporters to ask his team about something other than the possibility of winning the title before they play in the title game? The "I'm going to act like a jerk to take pressure off my team" act is really old.

This guy really rubs me the wrong way. He takes himself way too seriously, and he just oozes slime. If you get a chance to watch Sportscenter tonight, look out for the clip from his press conference and tell me it doesn't make you mildly furious.

Texas vs. Alabama...wow. I'll be rooting against both.

Dear Fans...

Merry Christmas,
Daniel Snyder and The Washington Redskins


Oh, Fu#%


Time to go, Wade

Tonight is the night. Finally, it appears Wade Phillips finds himself one loss from ensuring his pink slip, and tonight's date with the unbeaten Saints provides the perfect exit strategy for Jerry Jones. Cowboys lose, Giants swoop in and steal the last playoff spot. I can picture it now. Wade may as well be standing on the trap door.

Jones' finger has been firmly resting against the button ever since Phillips came to Texas. He hired Jason Garrett as a de facto coach-in-waiting when he brought Phillips in, but Mr. Botox seems to have soured on Garrett since. Still, the offensive coordinator plays the Bruce Gradkowski to Phillips' JaMarcus Russell, the superior option. But what kind of business model is this? A model of imminent failure, that's what.

Not surprisingly, Jones behaves like the Cowboys are the Yankees, a team destined to compete for a championship every year. Instead, Dallas last won a playoff game with Troy Aikman under center, making Jones' expectations laughable at best, delusional at worst.

Now, trust me, Phillips is awful. But the Cowboys have been beset by problems every season dating back to before Bill Parcells. Their lack of mettle reflects poorly on superstar QB Tony Romo, a Jay Cutler-level flake without the babes. Romo piles up yards in Garrett's offense, lobbing the ball to wide open receivers crossing the middle of the field. But the Cowboys are front-runners. Their offensive line (Marc Columbo) is banged up. Their running game flops every second half. They simply can't play from ahead.

On defense, Jones' collection of big-name, no-game defensive backs has cost the Cowboys for years. Finally, Roy Williams was jettisoned. Too bad they kept the other one.

Now DeMarcus Ware may miss tonight's game. He's their best player, but the Cowboys won't touch Drew Brees anyway. It would require exactly the type of grit, fight and physicality this team lacks every year, this one included.

Frankly, I can't wait for tonight. Phillips' boys will flop, the local and national Cowboy-loving media will pin yet another December loss at his feet and Jones, once Dallas misses the playoffs, will drop the ax. So predictable, so typical. Really, the fault should fall on Romo, the players and the unrealistic culture in Dallas. Big stadium, big money, big dreams — small results.

Blame Wade. Bring in some new eight-figure clown to put you over the top.

Then watch the top stretch even further out of reach.


The worst sports villains ever

I love top 5 and 10 lists, and earlier today I came up with an idea - the top 10 most evil sports figures. Obviously I wasn't alive when some of these people were around, so some of this is based on reputation. I also tried to include only athletes who were/are at least fairly well-known. Here we go:

10. Roger Clemens - What a snake. Anyone who follows baseball at all knows he did steroids, but more than that, how could he throw his wife under the bus during in front of Congress to save his own neck? In addition, he's an unabashed head-hunter and may have very well slept with a 15-year-old girl.

9. Ty Cobb
- Unapologetic racist who used to sharpen his spikes in plain view in order to better cut up opponents.

8. Marge Schott
- Former Cincinnati Reds owner kept a swastika armband in her house and referred to some of her black players as million-dollar n***ers. A fan of Hitler, Schott was upset when umpire John McSherry collapsed on the field and later died on opening day,because the umpires had the gall to postpone the game.

7. Lawrence Phillips - Former Nebraska standout assaulted his girlfriend in college, but he wasn't nearly done. In '05, Phillips ran his car into three teenagers after a dispute and was eventually convicted on seven counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

6. Pacman Jones - Spitting on and hitting women are just the start. The Las Vegas shooting case Jones was involved in led to one man being paralyzed.

5. Ugueth Urbina - Urbina went after workers on his farm - with a machete - because he believed they stole a gun from his house. A machete.

4. Mel Hall - The former Yankee outfielder was convicted of having sex with several minors and is serving 45 years in prison. Rot away, Mel.

3. Mike Danton - I didn't know much about about this former member of the St. Louis Blues until I did a little research for this post. He tried to have his agent murdered. Enough said.

2. Rae Carruth
- Arranged a drive-by shooting of a woman pregnant with his child. Only one guy could top this...

1. O.J. Simpson
- We all know he stabbed two people to death, one of whom had young children sleeping upstairs while Simpson was murdering her. He then committed a robbery at gunpoint which finally landed him where he always belonged - prison. He also pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge in 1989. Good guy.