LeBron James is a Liar

Another rip from guest correspondent, the great Dickie Stabone, who listened to LeBron's explanations and found they simply didn't jive:

In news that certainly made NBA jersey makers see dollar signs in their sleep, LeBron James announced this is the final year he will be honoring Michael Jordan by wearing the number 23. Starting next season, he will honor Mike by NOT wearing the number.

Yes. You read that correctly. He is going to honor him by honoring him in the exact opposite way of how he’s been honoring him for his entire career. He claims it’s a matter of respect. Jordan was the greatest and, if he can't be on the NBA logo, his number should be retired. It's a nice line if you believe it.

I don’t.

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing: this has nothing to do with Jordan. It’s all about one person —LeBron.

Sure, James didn’t go to college, but he’s smart. He knows that No. 23 will always be equated with Mike. No matter what James accomplishes in his career, his name won’t be top of mind when someone says, “That 23. He sure was something else.”

But the number he's switching to — No. 6? Come on, will it really be that hard to push Andrew Bogut to the back of the conversation? Don't think so.

His reasoning behind the switch is a little confusing to me. He starts it off on a logical note: It's the number he wore in the Olympics. Fair enough. But then his second reason is a head scratcher: He wants to honor Dr. J.

But if he hasn't been wearing No. 6 the whole time, hasn't he been honoring the Doc in the same way he's about to honor Mike? And by wearing No. 6, won't he be disrespecting Doc in the same way he'd be disrespecting Mike by keeping 23?

So maybe he's not so smart after all.

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  1. maybe you are thinking a little too deeply into the matter....it's not such a big deal brosif