Rips from around the league

As the Colts-Pats game gets underway, here are some thoughts from today's games:

Tennessee 41, Buffalo 17: Terrell Owens promised Chris Johnson his jersey if Tennessee beat Buffalo. That jersey isn't worth nearly what it used to be.

New Orleans 28, St. Louis 23: St. Louis almost didn't stink for one day. Almost.

Miami 25, Tampa Bay 23: After breaking a long losing streak last week the Bucs got started on a new one today.

Minnesota 27, Detroit 10: What's the point of ripping the Lions anymore?

Jacksonville 24, New York 22: Jacksonville cut right through the Jets' defense to kick a game-winning field goal. Maybe Bart Scott will finally shut up, although I doubt it.

Cincinnati 18, Pittsburgh 12: I have to rip myself here for picking Green Bay over Cincinnati Week 2 in my suicide pool. Daggerous.

Washington 27, Denver 17: Washington scored on a fake punt that Denver knew was coming. Doesn't get worse than that.

Carolina 28, Atlanta 19: Three games in a row without a pick for Jake Delhomme. Who knows, maybe avoiding turnovers is a formula for winning.

Kansas City 16, Oakland 10: I won't waste your time or mine.

Green Bay 17, Dallas 7: Oh, what a glorious result. Hey Tony, don't worry, everyone knows you're money in the second half of the season.

Arizona 31, Seattle 20: Seattle is sneaky bad. Their lack of talent flies under the radar.

San Diego 31, Philadelphia 23: Hey, any time the Eagles and Cowboys lose on the same day, it's a damn good day.

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