Don't Mess With The Hoodie

Another voice has been heard from on Fourth-And-Go-Gate. Here's new contributor Meaty Johnson ripping those who have been blasting Bill Belichick for his decision not to punt Sunday night:

I like the call by Belichick. If for no other reason than he showed some balls. But there are plenty of other reasons: (1) Peyton Manning is OK at football; (2) Defense is gassed; (3) with the game on the line you might want to put the ball in the hands of your best player and let him try to win it, sounds logical; but what if he's a 2-time Super Bowl MVP, in that case no, then you have to punt. Why, because on 4th down you punt, F that. Didn't Woody Hayes die? Seriously though, The 50's were awesome. I freaking hate my hi def LCD TV, with all those black guys on it making incredible plays. I'd much rather listen to mostly white guys run the football on the radio. At least they know to punt on 4th down. And they all have great motors.

Peter King might think he knows himself some football, but he undid a lot of goodwill with me with his MMQB column. A mosquito that Belichick swatted after it bit him on the ass knows more about football than Peter King, or any other columnist. Where, might I ask, are your FIVE super bowl rings Mr. King? You're just another jerk about to get run over by a train called progress you fat reactionary slob.

Belichick is the only coach in the NFL right now who could do that. Dungy could have, but he wouldn't have; Cowher? Same as Dungy. Parcells might have done it and gotten away with it. And people are going to criticize Belichick?! Tom Cable would've punted. Dick Jauron would've punted.

If you want to criticize Belichick, criticize him for what he screwed up. He wasted a timeout off the kickoff in a Herm The Clock-esque maneuver. In an ideal world, he knows that he's going to go for it on fourth and 2, so he prepares for that possibility after 2nd down. I don't think he did that. But don't get your cheap shots in by criticizing the single best football coach in the world right now. Because no, whoever you are, you don't know more than he does.

One quick note on my bias, I could probably watch Belichick pour a bottle of jack down Brady's throat with one hand, hold the lighter for Randy Moss' Bong with the other hand while he kicks Kevin Faulk in the sack before a crucial 4th quarter drive and I'd say "well he usually knows what he's doing, so I'll trust him."

But he's earned that. And with that call he earned a little more, at least from me.

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