Cablevision: Redefining Incompetence

Every Thursday night I'm reminded how absolutely pathetic Cablevision is.

A normally slow night in sports is helped tremendously by the NFL's decision to air a Thursday night game. Of course, only to those who get the NFL Network. No Dolphins-Panthers for the fans who have this garbage cable provider.

This is now going on six years that Cablevision and the network have been embroiled in a dispute. You'd think this was like trying to find some accord in the Middle East.

DIRECTV offers the NFL Network. So does Comcast. And Dish Network. And Verizon FiOS.

Somehow all these other companies can find an accord with the NFL. Not Cablevision.

And Cablevision doesn't exactly get the benefit of the doubt. It's run by bumbling fool, James Dolan.

It's a company that employed Isiah Thomas for six years, and had to pay Anucha Browne Sanders 11.6 million when a jury ruled he sexually harassed her. (Thomas wasn't even fired after that verdict.)

There are so many terrible decisions that it would take a 75,000-word post to get them all.

The company is a total disaster.

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