And the dinosaur of the year award goes to...

Congratulations, Mike Scioscia and Jim Tracy. You guys just won the most overrated award in sports.

Scioscia and Tracy were named the top managers in baseball today by the Baseball Writers' Association of America. Now I'm not trying to belittle their achievement, but... but... okay, that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

I'm sure both men are very bright and great guys. Actually, I'm not sure of either of those two things, but regardless, I'm not taking a shot at them personally. Just professionally. As in their profession stinks.

Let's start with Scioscia, who I don't think is a particularly bad manager, he's just not a particularly good one (Lifting ace John Lackey in the seventh inning of game 5 of the ALCS this year against the Yankees is one of the all-time blunders), if there even is such a thing. I'm also sick of him getting so much credit for doing well with a stacked team.

I know he had to deal with injuries to his team and even the tragic death of young pitcher Nick Adenhart, who died in a car accident in April. But it's not like he was working with the Bad News Bears here. He's got plenty of talent with a payroll of almost $119 million (sixth-highest in baseball) and the Angels win their pitiful division every year even when he hits his worst hitter third in the lineup (See Maicer Izturis in 2008) and people praise him for going with his (big) gut. So what's the big deal?

Oh, and enough with the so-called "experts" talking about how the Angels are always putting pressure on their opponents by being agressive on the basepaths. Only the Yankees, who basically have an All-Star at every position, scored more runs in all of baseball. You can't be that productive simply by running as proved by the fact that Scioscia's supposed team of scrappers posted the game's fifth-highest slugging percentage.

Then there's Tracy. He was promoted to manager from bench coach (talk about your all-time joke of a job) in May after Clint Hurdle was fired. Yeah, that same Clint Hurdle who took the baseball world by storm when he got this same team to rip off an incredible 21 wins in 22 games down the stretch before losing to the Red Sox in the World Series. Like all dinosaurs, he eventually hit a cold streak (let's just call it the Ice Age) and was exposed for the fraud he really is.

Unlike Scioscia, Tracy doesn't have as much money or talent at his fingertips, so he'll go the way of the Hurdle-saurus within the next few years (He already failed with the Dodgers and the Pirates). But for now, he's on the top of the heap and getting paid big bucks to do a job that could be done by a below-average trained chimp. Must be nice.

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