The Giants have given up 40 points for the 5th time this season in today's game against the Vikings in what is one of the most astonishingly shameful performances in franchise history.

I didn't expect the Giants, with their season already over, to win or play particularly inspired football today. But for a team I thought had some mental toughness and some pride, this is a total "poop" show.

Bill Sheridan is gone, and a lot of these defensive players need to go as well. Last I checked the Giants had missed 18 tackles in today's game, and that was late in the third quarter when I turned the game off because it was causing me to projectile vomit.

Of all the teams I root for, the Giants are the last I'd expect to turn in a performance like this. But that's just the kind of awful year it's been. At least I have the Mets to look forward to - sigh.

Decisions, decisions

In case you haven't noticed, we've been a little skimpy with the posts lately. The four of us have been a little swamped lately, for different reasons, and that has made posting more difficult. After much thought, we are going to do our best to continue the site. We're going to do our best and see what happens. If we find we can't post often enough or devote enough attention, we'll shut it down. But for now, there are too many potential rippees out there.

- Tony G. Dagger