Which team will disgrace itself most?

With the weak undercard of college football almost over and another glorious NFL Sunday almost upon us, I will make a bold prediction as to which team will make the worst showing tomorrow.

We have some excellent candidates. The Rams and Lions are both taking on vastly superior teams in the Saints and Vikings, respectively. The Rams are probably in for a dreadful beating, but neither of these teams is my selection.

The Redskins are usually good for a hideous performance, and squaring off with the Broncos is not a great match-up for Washington. While I expect the 'Skins to get whooped, they are not my choice either.

One could easily make the argument that the loser of the Oakland-Kansas City game is the automatic choice here. Both teams are awful, so the loser must be the bottom of the barrel. But no, I'm going elsewhere.

My choice is the Cleveland Browns. The Browns play Monday night, so they won't have the benefit of a full slate of games to hide their woeful play. The team might be on the brink of mutiny over Eric Man-genius' intense practice schedule, and Cleveland's offense sets football back 10 years every time it takes the field.

The Browns are named after the legendary Paul Brown. Lately though, brown is the best color to describe Cleveland's play for other reasons.

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