Developing those youngsters

The Knicks didn't sign Allen Iverson because they didn't want him taking minutes away from young players. So explain today's box score.

New York beat the Nets 98-91 this afternoon, but the way Mike D'Antoni is dividing up playing time is odd. Jordan Hill, the eighth pick in this year's draft, didn't set foot on the floor. Toney Douglas, the rookie who's shown good promise this year, saw nine minutes of action.

Meanwhile, youngster Larry Hughes played 35 minutes and baby-faced Al Harrington played 32. Good thing they didn't get Iver-lost, or Douglas and Hill might actually be playing negative minutes.

Be consistent. If the Knicks say they want young players to get experience (which they should) then play them and let the record be damned. Who cares if they win 29 games instead of 32? The important thing is that they have some competent players to team with whatever free agent(s) they sign after the season.

How is it possible that a lottery pick like Hill isn't good enough to play ONE MINUTE for an awful team? Either the Knicks made a horrible pick or they're being idiots by having this guy watch games instead of play in them.

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