Another GPS needed

ESPN just keeps churning out garbage.

During halftime of Monday night's joke of a game (by the way, I hope you remembered it was me who predicted the Browns to embarrass themselves most last weekend), Tom Jackson criticized Maurice Jones Drew for going down at the one-yard line on the final drive in the Jaguars-Jets game.

Wrong again.

Tom's explanation was something on the order of "when you have a chance to score, you have to score." Another statement that belongs in a museum.

Let's examine this carefully. If Jones Drew goes into the end zone, the Jets get the ball back with about 1:40 left after the ensuing kickoff. The Jets' offense won't remind anyone of the 'Greatest Show on Turf' Rams, but going 75 yards for a touchdown with almost two minutes remaining and then converting a two-point conversion is certainly not completely out of the question.

On the flip side, when Jones Drew goes down, he enables his team to run the clock down to the point where the field goal - which is essentially an extra point - is the last play of the game. Twenty-two teams have made every extra point they've attempted this season. Jacksonville missed one but made every one last season, making the odds of missing a 21-yard field goal for the win infinitesimal.

It was a smart play by Jones Drew, and it's really not that hard to figure out why. Then again, ESPN has a knack for being wrong.


  1. I don't think the Jets would have needed a two point conversion. Actually the Jaguars would have needed to convert the conversion, otherwise the Jets could score a TD to win. Of course, that only makes Tom Jackson's comments even more nonsensical.

  2. You are totally right. For some reason I figured this as if the Jets were down a point, obviously they were up a point when Jones Drew went down. You're also correct in saying that makes Jackson's statement even worse, because at worst the Jets would have needed a touchdown and extra point to tie, and had Jacksonville missed their conversion the Jets could have won the game with a touchdown.