The Worst 5 Franchises in Sports

Sports are cyclical. Teams that are bad usually get good again, and vice versa. But a few teams seem to be good every year, while others seem destined to be bottom feeders forever. Here's the worst of the worst:

5. Detroit Lions: The Lions aren't higher on this list because they actually seem to be heading in the right direction with some young talent. Still, it was only last year they became the first 0-16 team in NFL history. Tough to escape this list with that on your resume.

4.Pittsburgh Pirates: Every day is a fire sale in Pittsburgh. The Pirates haven't made the playoffs since the Ice Age and their go-to move is trading players just as they're on the cusp of being solid major-leaguers.

3. Kansas City Royals: The Pirates haven't made the playoffs since the Ice Age, but dinosaurs roamed the earth the last time the Royals played in the postseason. It's not a good sign when people use you as the argument for a salary cap in baseball. Ex. "We need a cap. Kansas City Royals fans know at the beginning of the season their team has no chance."

2.Oakland Raiders: Well pretty much everything they do is wrong, so it's pretty easy to put them near the top of this list. The only reason they're not ranked a spot higher is...

1. Los Angeles Clippers - Not only has the team been totally inept for years, the owner recently agreed to settle a case where he was basically being sued for racism and discrimination. Al Davis, you're lucky Donald Sterling is around to make you look good. OK, maybe not good, but less bad.

Honorable mention: Cleveland Browns, NY Islanders.


  1. Eh, Oakland doesn't belong on that list. Certainly the Browns over them. The Raiders made the Super Bowl this decade. Cleveland had their team stolen from them and their best season since involved Kelly Holcomb (and a loss to the incomparable Tommy Maddox). Otherwise, great list.

    I enjoy your stuff. Keep it up!

  2. Really appreciate the comment and the kind words. What I tried to do with this list is sort of combine how bad the franchise is right now and how bad they've been the last 5-10 years. While you make a good point about the Oakland Super Bowl, I believe they are currently worse off than any other team in the NFL. The Browns are awful, but at least they're talking about bringing in a big name, big rep guy to oversee the football side of the organization. As long as Al David calls all the shots in Oakland they're totally hopeless. How many times can you draft a guy ahead of 5 guys who are clearly better and play the same position?