Misguided Anger

I respect Jose Canseco for being the Bob Woodward of steroid reporting.

Scratch that. I don't respect him at all. He's an absolute clown. And he has completely selfish motives. It's not like he's trying to clean up the game by blowing the whistle on other cheaters.

But I will say that I'm somewhat interested in who he's calling out because thus far most of what he has said has proved to be right and I can't help but want to know who else used PEDs.

What I don't get is why he's so angry at other baseball players who also used steroids. Perhaps he feels like he's the person most associated with the steroid era because he's openly admitted to his extensive use and thinks he's being scapegoated. But the reality is, his reputation hasn't taken nearly as big a hit as Bonds, Clemens, ARod, Manny, Sosa or McGwire. Not even close. Those were lock first-ballot Hall of Famers who now may never get in.

Canseco was at it again this week, bashing ARod. During his promotional tour for some celebrity boxing nonsense, he was asked what current player he'd most like to fight.

His response: "Alex Rodriguez, get your ass into the ring. I'll beat you to a pulp. That lying little idiot. I'd like to get him in the ring."

Ok, first of all, it's a funny quote, and if they ever fight count me in. (Unfortunately, there is a better chance of Bernie Madoff throwing out the first pitch on Opening Day at Citi Field next year.)

But here's where Canseco is completely lost. His venom toward other steroid users makes no sense. They aren't busying giving on the record interviews saying Canseco is making stuff up, that he was a cheater, etc. And if they want to lie and deny their own use, why does Canseco care? Nothing should be more irrelevant to him.

(Yes, I realize that Canseco hates ARod for other reasons, including an accusation that ARod went after his wife. But it still seems like Canseco hates ALL the steroid users.)

For the most part, they don't say anything until they have no choice and then they give a half-hearted admission and try to get on with their careers and hope we just forget. (Exhibit A: Andy Pettitte)

If Canseco should be mad at anyone, it should be the media and the fans. We're the people judging him and all the other users. The writers are going to keep these guys out of the Hall of Fame, which is part of what Canseco is so upset about. He thinks he should be in Cooperstown. (Funny, but true.)

No player who ever tested positive had to give back any of his past earnings or awards. All he lost was the respect of the media and fans, and likely some of his contemporaries.

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