Dan Snyder, man of the people

A new guest correspondent, the great Dickie Stabone, checks in with an opus on Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Enjoy:

Oh, Dan Snyder, could you be any more out of touch? To think that Redskin fans are as clueless about your authenticity as you are about running a football team is not just an insult to them, but an insult to fans everywhere. Did you really think they'd buy into your ruse when you said:

"We are really trying very, very hard, everyone at Redskins Park, the coaches, the players. The organization's quite frankly held together well, and I think we've got an opportunity the rest of the season to hopefully get it going.”

Is it not enough that your team is 2-6 this season (2-5 at the time of your quote), including a loss to the Detroit “We haven’t won a game since Ford turned a profit” Lions, and has a losing record since you took over? Is it not enough that you’ve had six head coaches since 2000 and actually helped convince an entire generation of Redskin fans that Joe Gibbs couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag?

No. It’s not enough. Because there’s more. With a man like Snyder there's always more.

You'd think someone who throws money at overpriced free agents (Hi, Adam Archuleta and $30 million over six years) like it’s the only way he’ll find love would be a little lenient with his fans and their financial situations. Think again.

With Snyder at the helm, the Redskins sued season ticket owners who have fallen on tough times and asked out of their season ticket contracts. Mind you, they weren’t trying to take the tickets and not pay. They wanted their tickets to be freed so someone else could buy them. Doesn’t seem like such a terrible idea, especially with our economy the way it is. But Danny S. didn’t see it that way. He felt a 73-year-old woman taking in $400/month on social security should still be forced to pay up.

So don’t insult us with your garbage lines like, “I feel bad for the fans. I feel sorry for the fans, and we're very, very appreciative of our loyal fan base,” when it’s obvious you feel bad for them the same way you wipe your bottom with razor wire.

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