Yet another indignity

The New York Mets hierarchy is so lost it would be hilarious if I wasn't a fan of the team. Alas, I can find no humor in this franchise's ineptitude, only sadness and depression.

Reports are surfacing of season-ticket holders getting a very slight decrease in their bill for next season
after ownership promised wholesale cuts.

The Mets promised across the board reductions, saying the average ticket would be cut about 10 percent and some tickets would be reduced as much as 20 percent. Some fans, however, have seen only a one or two percent decrease.

In defense, the Mets are claiming that they said the "average" would be 10 percent, and that meant some decreases would be lower and some would be higher. While this is technically a valid point, anyone who's heard Jeff Wilpon talk about these price reductions knows he made it sound like every fan would be getting at least a 10 percent cut.

If ownership was interested in being truthful and avoiding more bad press, it would have simply stated when it announced this plan that some cuts wouldn't be anywhere near 10 percent. That way no one would have been surprised or angry when the bills arrived. But this ownership doesn't think ahead, and as much as I think the Wilpons actually try to do right by their fans, they rarely do, because for whatever reason they're totally out of touch.

The past blunders are plentiful. The lack of Mets history depicted at Citi Field, the mishandling of injuries, on and on and on. And at a time when ownership can least afford to alienate fans, it has done just that.

Is anyone surprised?

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