The 5 people currently annoying me most

This list is always subject to change, and it's hard to narrow it to just 5, but I did my best:

5. Skip Bayless, ESPN - When did having a contrarian view on every single topic become a talent? If I walk outside in the pouring rain, turn to my friend and say how much I enjoy being out in the sun, will I be famous? Bayless called Lebron James overrated, defended Andy Reid's decision that Mr. Woo addressed, and once even called Tom Brady a more dominant athlete than Tiger Woods (no, I'm not kidding). Literally nobody likes this guy, but I guess stirring feelings of unbridled hate in people is a talent.

4. Joba Chamberlain, NY Yankees - He's really gotten on my nerves from the day he came up. I can't stand his post-strikeout routine, his dirty hat or his face in general. Add that he plays for the Yankees and that I've heard rumblings that he's an arrogant guy and Joba snakes to No. 4.

3. Tony LaRussa, St. Louis Cardinals - This overmanaging blowhard gets my blood boiling. Tony, batting the pitcher 8th doesn't make you a genius. I was at a Mets-Cards game this season when LaRussa used five pitchers in the 6th inning of a game he was losing 4-0 in the middle of the summer. No one loves to get his fingerprints on the game more than Tony, and no one has received more undue credit for a team's success. Pitching coach Dave Duncan is the brains behind the operation.

2. Allen Iverson, TBD - I know I already posted about A.I., but with each passing day he annoys me more. He just can't let go of the image he has of himself as an all-time great player (which I don't think he ever was)and makes a mess wherever he goes. Iverson should retire and join up with a men's league somewhere, I'm sure the team from Joe's Hardware won't mind if he hoists 40 shots a game.

1. Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings - Mr. Buckner always gets on me for this, but I'm sorry, I root against this guy harder than anyone. The sad thing is he used to be one of my favorite athletes. Part of what drives me nuts about Favre is the ridiculous obsession ESPN has with him, but I think Favre plays into that by confiding in guys like Chris Mortensen. ESPN treats Favre like he's Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, but I'm not sure he's even one of the top 10 QBs of all-time. The retirement nonsense, the way he slyly threw the Jets under the bus shortly after signing with the Vikings and his need for attention puts him at the top of my list.

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