Oh joy, another Big 10 title for Ohio State

Ohio State just survived an overtime tilt with Iowa, 27-24. Yawn.

The Buckeyes have now won five straight Big 10 titles, and in January I fully expect they'll lose their fourth straight BCS bowl game. I don't like Jim Tressel, I don't think the Big 10 is particularly good (is any conference other than the SEC?) and I find Ohio State to be incredibly boring to watch.

Terrelle Pryor was billed as the Lebron James of football coming out of high school, and honestly I'm not at all impressed. Pretty sure if Lebron James had played basketball in the Big 10 he would have made a slightly bigger impact than Pryor.

I'm just really sick of Ohio State. I'm only interested in watching them play Michigan because it's an historic rivalry, but Michigan has to get back to respectability for that rivalry to be fully ignited again.

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