Safin adds to the insanity

Martina Navratilova's ludicrous reaction to Andre Agassi's admission that he used crystal meth repeatedly in 1997 set the standard high for what tennis player could muster the most idiotic take when asked for his or her feelings about the acknowledgment.

I didn't think anyone could outdo her. But Marat Safin has now chimed in and boy did he blow her away with new found heights of stupidity. Congrats Martina, you're off the hook.

First Navratilova compared Agassi to Roger Clemens, a comparison that makes about as much sense as comparing a starving homeless man stealing a few ketchup packets from McDonalds to Bernie Madoff. Drugs are drugs and stealing is stealing. All the same.

Wait, that makes no sense whatsoever.

Agassi used a drug that absolutely ruined his performance; Clemens gave his career a rebirth artificially.

And now Safin has said that Agassi should give back all his money and his titles. In 1997, Agassi played 24 matches. TOTAL. The only grand slam he played was the US Open (l, 4th round, Rafter). At one point in 1997, he lost eight of nine matches, including five defeats to players not even in the top 75. So exactly which titles and what prize money should he be giving back from his incredible 1997?

As for all the money and tournaments Agassi won from 1998 and beyond, does Safin honestly think Agassi should give those back? Let me get this straight...an athlete tests positive for a recreational drug in 1997, lies about it to avoid suspension, gets clean, and goes on to achieve greatness. But because he once used drugs -- which did nothing but ruin his performance -- and lied about using them, everything he accomplishes after that is illegitimate?


Criticize Agassi for the following: The admission came when he's releasing a book. Totally lame. The championships, however, remain.

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