Personally I believe defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan should be on the hot seat if his defense gets torched again. I understand they've has had some injuries, but there are still too many good players to be giving up 40 points like it's nothing. Sheridan has big shoes to fill replacing Steve Spagnuolo. Right now he looks to be wearing about a kids size 4.

Sometime after 7 o' clock tonight Giants fans will have a pretty good idea of where this season is headed.

Should the Chargers extend the Giants' losing streak to four, Big Blue will have a tough time making the playoffs let alone going deep into the postseason as many expected when the team was 5-0.

If the Giants prevail, they will be 6-3 heading into a bye week where some important players will get a chance to nurse some injuries.

San Diego brings the No. 4 passing attack into Giants Stadium today, and because the weather is quite mild today, the Giants won't have the elements to help stop Philip Rivers from carving up the secondary like one of John Madden's Turduckens (however you spell it).

The offense has to do a better job too, but really I can't judge them as I normally would because the last few weeks they've been playing with the pressure of knowing the other team is scoring on every possession.

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