This Cut's a mess

OK folks, forget about that stupid arm. It's time to lop Jay Cutler off the list of the NFL's top quarterbacks.

Five more picks by the double-chinned gunslinger cost the Bears a key road win tonight in their 10-6 loss at the 49ers. Cutler's fifth and final mistake came with under 10 seconds to play when he scrambled forward and threw on the run for Greg Olsen in the end zone. Had Cutler and Olsen connected, the Bears would have won the game. Instead, the pass ended up so deep in the heart of Michael Lewis' red jersey, the safety is lucky he didn't burst a chamber.

So enough already about Cutler's arm. Football is not a skills competition. If so, Jeff George would be remembered as a stud rather than a dud.

Right now Cutler's more Kerry Wood than Nolan Ryan, showing random flashes of brilliance that are too often clouded by unabashed wildness. After more than one interception tonight, Cutler was seen either barking or brooding, but never it seemed were the harsher emotions directed at himself.

Where else to lay blame? It's about time someone pointed at the man in white. He sulked his way out of Denver; now all the Broncos do is win. Cutler? After his woeful Thursday Night Football effort, No. 6 dropped to 21-25 for his career. No winning seasons and no playoff games, forget about playoff wins. What has Chicago so excited exactly?

When Super Bowls are decided by radar guns, call Cutler. Until then, just call Cutler what he is: one of the most overrated, overhyped players in the league.

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  1. i could write an entire book about how stupid cutlers face looks...i hate his face so much