Slowed to a crawl

The Yankees have found a new way to annoy me. They have done everything possible to make these games painfully slow. Andy Pettitte throwing to first every other pitch, Jose Molina visiting A.J. Burnett at the mound 15 times in a game, everyone visiting CC Sabathia at every opportunity - anything goes.

As if baseball games weren't slow enough already. I love baseball, it's always been my favorite sport, but something needs to be done. Every year I hear the idea of keeping batters in the box between pitches discussed, and it never happens. I can play a round of golf in less time than it takes half of these games to be played.

Game 4 is in the bottom of the 7th inning, and on top of the Yankees being on the verge of taking complete command of the series, the game is three hours old already. You can bet it's not going to speed up in the last two innings as Girardi and Manuel start shuffling guys in from the bullpen. Yawn.

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