My worst fear realized

I'm in mourning, so I won't be posting anything lengthy or profound. The Yankees have won another title...sigh.

The thing I most want to avoid every year is a Yankees' world series parade. No such luck in '09. For the next week I'll have to hear about how much heart this gritty bunch of highly-paid stars has, how much adversity Alex Rodriguez has overcome and how Jeter's intangibles produced yet another ring.

It was a good run. Out of the playoffs last year and out of the winner's circle for eight seasons. Last night, they finally daggered all the Yankee haters across the land.

Hey, there's always next year.


  1. Do you mean Arod the Minatour? I think a posting about that should be in your future...

  2. Worst fear realized? I would have thought the men in pinstripes accomplished that for you in 2000.

  3. You have a point there. That was an awful loss. My point was that anytime the Yankees win the series it's pretty much my worst fear being realized.