Get out.

We're going on 24 hours of this absurdity. The daggers are flying so fast and furious we Yankee haters can't avoid them. Painful stuff.

Turns out Old Daggerface himself is...none other than Joe Girardi. Not only has Girardi steered the Yanks to No. 27, his number (yawn!), apparently he's Father Theresa.

In the words of T.G. Dagger, sigh.

The stifling images have hounded me all day, but none more so than this fraud pictured above and to your right: Kurt Russell. So he's a Yankee fan? Puke time.

Check out K-Russ' wikipedia page. Born in Springfield, Mass. (Red Sox country), Russell's family settled in Arlington, a suburb that's half a bike ride from Fenway Park. He graduated from high school in Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Dodger country), and, in perhaps the greatest calamity of all, he currently lives in Vancouver but considers Rangeley, Maine, his hometown.

I'd love to see K-Russ find anything but a Red Sox hat in Rangeley, pop. 1,052 and just a few miles from the Canada and New Hampshire borders.

If you're a true sports fan like us, Russell's sudden fandom makes you want to lock your head in a vice. It smacks of several serious offenses of the fan code, among them:

• Bandwagon jumping
• Sports polygamy

Russell and his peeps would probably spin this despicablity as support for Kate Hudson, A-Rod's girlfriend and fellow bogus fan. But I can't blame Hudson. For starters, she roots passionately for someone on the team, purple lips and all, and she hardly shoves it down our throats. (FOX, on the other hand...)

So if K-Russ wanted to catch a few games this postseason, fine, but lose the hat. And definitely lose the jacket. It's ugly. You're not a 10-year-old kid. And you're certainly not the manager.

Russell couldn't, of course, because no one would've noticed without it.

Apparently, Russell so wanted to pledge support to his gutty, gritty $218-million band of heroes, he wore the getup to a club early Thursday morning, where Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and other Yankees held a celebration.

Ya know, it may've made all this torture worth it. We'll never know.

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