Good luck with that, Andy

A quick follow-up to my pregame post: So how do Yankee fans feel now? Probably tighter than Eddie Harris' back during Game 163 in Major League.

Why? Well, part one of my three-part path to the Phillies winning the World Series came true, they dropped the Yanks 8-6 in Game 5 thanks to an ineffective A.J. Burnett. It has sent the Bronx Bombers home to New York with the lighter and a target — just no bomb.

Pettitte will likely start Game 6 on three days rest. He last pitched on short rest in 2006 for the Astros, who ran Pettitte to the mound on short rest three times that season. It made little sense then — Pettitte had last started on less than full rest in 2001 — but what can you expect from "Scrap Iron," Phil Garner, the skipper of Team GPS. Now? Starting Pettitte here simply boggles the mind, even over three years later. The 37-year-old lefty started on regular, four-day rest on Sept. 5. One start later the Yankees shelved Pettitte to rest his sore elbow. It's been five days or more between appearances for him ever since.

This will prove a monumental mistake. Joe Girardi's only hope is the Yankees tattoo Phillies' Game 6 starter Pedro Martinez, who is compromised by slipping stuff but will completely empty the tank. The offense may bail Girardi out, but remember: This is likely the the last gasp of Pedro's career. No one who called himself "maybe the most influential player to ever play in Yankee Stadium" will pull a Kobe, halfassing it in a big spot

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