Call the men in the white coats

What on earth is wrong with Stephon Marbury? I'm actually to the point now where I think he has some kind of serious mental defect that needs attention. In his latest insane move, Marbury showed up at the Knicks' home opener tonight, and caused a little fiasco before eventually being removed from the building.

This past summer Marbury made news with his webshow, where he engaged in a variety of strange activities that included eating Vaseline off his finger. OOOOOOOKK Steph.

Marbury will always be linked with the Isiah Thomas era in New York, and that's not an era one wants to be linked with. But he's gone to a level beyond basketball now. I used to just think Marbury was one of these super-talented guys who, for whatever reason, never won anything. Now I'm starting to think there is more to it than that.

He showed up at the home opener of a team that basically paid him to stay away from the team and made a scene. That's not normal behavior.

Then again, I don't think Marbury is a normal guy.

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