A real laugher

Another postseason award has been stripped of all credibility.

First off, let me say that this is not a rip of Derek Jeter. Jeter had a great season, his team is one win away from a title, etc. Jeter was also given the Hank Aaron award for being the American League's best offensive player this season.

I know you must be waiting for a punch line, but incredibly, this is not a joke.

Jeter had the 5th-best OPS this season - on his own team! In the American League? He finished just outside the top 20. Jeter is looking up six spots at Sin-Shoo Choo.

Fans decided the winners of the award this year, which certainly explains in large part why Jeter won. But fans have already proven with their All-Star Game voting that they don't vote on performance but rather on reputation and name recognition. So why give them another vote to foul up?

In what universe did Joe Mauer not deserve this award? As a catcher, Mauer led the league in OPS, slugging, on-base percentage and batting average. He had the second-best BB/K ratio, the second most runs created and the most runs created per 27 outs. He was the best offensive player in the league by far, no argument.

Let's see what happens with the MVP. If the media robs Mauer of that one, check back to this blog for the rip to end all rips.

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