An assist from above

Three random thoughts from Game 6:

Best part of the Yankees' celebration by far was Mark Teixeira saying God led him to the Yankees. Funny, I thought it was the $180 mil...which he accepted after turning down the Red Sox' $168 million offer. Players SHOULD go for the most money -- and fans shouldn't be critical when they do -- but please, spare me with the nonsense explanations. Somehow, I don't think Scott Boras was consulting with God.

How funny was it to see Hank Steinbrenner being relegated to the back row on the podium when the Yankees were accepting the trophy? The guy was front and center last year. This year you get the feeling he had to pay off a security guard just to be let on the field.

I got a kick out of the fact that it clearly wasn't even remotely in consideration for Mariano Rivera to be brought into the game before the 8th inning. WFAN's Mike Francesa mocked anyone who even took the position that such a move was highly unlikely. Once again, he was totally lost.


  1. Reports were that Tex was offered more money by Washington. Small point, but still.

  2. Good point. Totally forgot that.

    How funny would it have been if he had said in the interview, "The Nats offered me 187.5 but God led me to this team for 180."