Petey: Always the Center of Attention

Wasn’t there something a little bizarre about Pedro Martinez running around like the team captain after the Phillies won the NLCS? He joined the team like two days ago, pitched one game in the playoffs and now he acts like he’s Mike Schmidt. He doesn’t even know the names of half his teammates.

Look, I like Pedro. Whether he was nailing dudes with 99 mph heaters, making a bunch of Hall of Famers look ridiculous in the All-Star Game, or beating up a physical specimen like Don Zimmer, no one was more entertaining.

A loveable and crazy genius who was a pitching virtuoso all at the same time.

But now he just seems desperate to try to live up to the Pedro image that he cultivated as team spokesperson and prankster.

Let’s call this for what it is: Martinez latched on to the defending champions in August for a cheap shot at a championship. This was even more masterful than Brett Favre skipping training camp.

Martinez skipped the spring AND the summer and has positioned himself to fool some naïve GM this winter than he’s worth millions.

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