The Cable Guy is...Innocent?

Admit it. You were a little disappointed when the Napa County DA decided not to press charges against Raiders coach Tom Cable. So was I. So was everyone.

We count on the Raiders to entertain with their incompetence and insanity.

Who doesn’t enjoy listening Al Davis talk about the Raiders’ “Commitment to Excellence” when they go 2-14? It’s funny to look at JaMarcus Russell’s quarterback rating. It’s good for a few laughs when they take Darius Heyward-Bey over Michael Crabtree.

But the “Did Tom Cable break Randy Hanson’s jaw and threaten to kill him?” mystery was the best. I was sure it was true because it was the Raiders. If there was a rumor that the Raiders were going to sign Mike Tyson and make him the starting quarterback, I’d believe it.

We all had our mental image of how this went down. Hanson insulted Cable’s buddy, defensive coordinator John Marshall, and Cable was enraged. Then Cable rushed toward Hanson and started throwing haymakers, broke a few teeth and threatened to kill him. The other assistants initially stood by enjoying it before they realized what was going on and rushed to pull Cable off before too much damage was done.

After the melee, my hope was that Davis walked into the room wearing his windbreaker and saw a pool blood and tables knocked over and barely reacted. After surveying the scene, he told his staff to work on going vertical.

Ultimately, there was no arrest. And now you can bet Hanson will start going on the interview circuit and Cable will refuse to comment.

But let’s be honest, though there was no arrest, every time the cameras turn to Cable on the sideline, you’ll still be thinking that he’s the dude who knocked out his assistant.

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