Get a GPS Thom...you're lost

I'll admit that I have a general disposition to dislike Thom Brennaman for a variety of reasons:

1) He has an awesome job as a sportscaster, working for both Major League Baseball and the NFL. I'm jealous.

2) His father is the legendary Marty Brennaman, so I question whether Thom truly earned those jobs through talent or sheer nepotism. Actually, I don't wonder. It's clearly nepotism.

3) His name is Thom. That's ridiculous. Perhaps that isn't his fault, and he's simply going with a bad decision by the folks. But he's an adult now, and she should switch to Tom. If Anfernee Hardaway is going to get ripped, the same should happen to Thom Brennaman.

That said, when I saw Brennaman was doing the play-by-play of the Giants-Saints game with Troy Aikman, I was completely willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He was replacing Joe Buck...who I can't stand (and was apparently unavailable because he was busy calling the endless Yankees-Angels game the previous night in New York), for many of the same reasons I don't like Brennaman. So a nice change of pace for me, a Giants fan, who is totally sick of listening to the maddening announcing team of Buck-Aikman, or Kenny Albert-Daryl Johnston and idiotic Tony Siragusa every week.

Needless to say, in addition to the Saints going up and down the field at will and watching Jeremy Shockey act like a complete clown, Brennaman instantly got in my nerves.

His performance was almost as bad as the Giants. He said Drew Brees was in his sixth year with the Saints. That isn't true. That isn't close. He came with Sean Payton before the 2006 season.

He consistently got the score wrong, at one point yelling into his mic that the Saints had taken a 20-0 lead when it was 20-3.

He was beyond clueless on the key play before the first half when Eli Manning fumbled, Scott Shanle recovered, and Kevin Boss tackled Shanle and possibly forced another fumble. Brennaman had absolutely no clue what the ruling would be if Ed Hochuli ruled that Shanle had in fact fumbled. (Thom: It would have been a touchback. Just here to help.)

To be fair, I do want to give some credit to a television personality who was legitimately hilarious last night. Deion Sanders' performance on NFL GameDay Final on the NFL Network last night was as legendary as his career.

When he started screaming that the Redskins' bye week next week actually meant "bye" for Jim Zorn, and he continued to say it over and over in his preacher voice, it provided some legitimate laughs. The man can still entertain.

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