Mike Dino-Scioscia

This is exactly why we started this blog - to debunk these idiotic myths that supposed experts have been spouting for years. Mike Scioscia is not a genius. He's not even a good manager. He's had good teams that have had success, and so he gets undue credit.

As I write this rip the Angels have just come back to regain the lead in Game 5, and they might very well win this game. Regardless, Sciosia's decision to take John Lackey out with two out in the seventh inning was absurd. Mike - you brought Darren Oliver out of the bullpen. DARREN OLIVER. Do you think Oliver had a better chance of getting Texeira out there? Lackey is a top tier pitcher, Oliver is a journeyman.

Lackey consistently pitches deep into games during the season, so he should have no problem doing it now. But Scioscia, like a lot of managers, wants to show us how smart he is, get his fingerprints on the game and get his face on TV. Pulling elite starters out of games in favor of mediocre middle relivers is more of this 'old school' strategy that makes no sense. It's a dinosaur move by Mike Scioscia-saurus.
This is not a second guess. I texted some of the other guys who write on this blog as Lackey was walking off the mound to say what a hideous move Scioscia was making. Ten minutes later the Yankees had gone from down 4-0 to up 6-4.

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