Joe and Joba

We have some Yankee fans and some Yankee haters on our team here - I fall under squarely in the hater category.

First, I'd like to thank Joe Girardi for letting the Angels back into the series by overmanaging once again. Joe, we Yankee haters applaud your absurd decision to lift Dave Robertson with two outs in the 11th. If you wouldn't mind overmanaging for the rest of the series we'd really appreciate that as well. The Yankees are by far the most talented team in baseball, but if you can keep getting in the way of that talent we might have a chance to get the Yankees out and crush the hopes of all their fans (fingers crossed).

I'm not sure there is a more enjoyable sight than seeing Joba Chamberlain walk dejectedly off the field. Only a repeat of Aubrey Huff's mock fist pump by some of the Angels could have made Joba's exit tonight any better. Watching him celebrate after a strikeout has actually caused me to rip clumps of hair out of my scalp. The way he wears his cap infuriates me. I root against the entire Yankee team, but Joba has a special place in my heart.

Watching him struggle as a starter this year was great, but watching him give up a double, triple and a run in one-third of inning tonight was magical. I only hope he has a few more awful performances in that right arm.

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