Do they have a prenup?

I'm no lawyer, so forgive me if I'm confused as to how the owner of a baseball team can legally get fired.

Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt, who owns 50 percent of the team, has been “fired” by her estranged husband Frank McCourt, who owns the other 50 percent.

Why didn’t Jamie respond by saying that she had fired her ex-husband?

This entire development makes no sense, but it’s looking like the bloodshed the Dodgers took from the Phillies in the NLCS will pale in comparison to what should be a total war between two headstrong billionaires.

Busy offseason upcoming for the Dodgers. Will Manny Ramirez opt out of his contract? He may be too busy trying to get pregnant to even make a decision. Will Don Mattingly sit tight and wait his turn until Uncle Joe retires? Donnie, he’s never retiring. Make your move.

But I’m most pumped about McCourt vs. McCourt. Give me a reality series on this. Mark my words, it will not disappoint.

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