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As I said before, I can't stand the Yankees, but they just got totally hosed by, what a shock, a pathetic and unexplainable call.

Nick Swisher was just called out on appeal for leaving third base early. It's bad enough that the replay showed he wasn't even close to leaving early. What makes it a complete disgrace is that the replay showed third base umpire Tim McClelland WASN'T EVEN LOOKING at Swisher or the base. He was staring out into the outfield. Clearly. Not even close.

After the play, Tim McCarver said McClelland would explain the call after the game. How exactly? Does he have an extra pair of invisible eyes on the side of his face? I don't know, maybe MLB has to go with younger umpires or extend the use of instant replay. Letting some of these guys decide pennants and championships is like letting Forrest Gump run NASA. MLB has to fix this.

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