Are they just guessing?

Officiating in professional sports has reached the level of comically awful. Saturday night, Derek Jeter beats a throw to first base by two steps and is called out. Sunday, Marques Colston gets a pass interference call against the Giants for tripping over his own two feet. In the divisional round of the baseball playoffs, Joe Mauer hits a ball down the left field line that is at least a foot fair and Phil Cuzzi calls it foul.

And that's only in the last few days. In a game against the Orioles last year, Doug Eddings called Red Sox shortstop Julio Lugo out on this play. In the words of the American youth, LOL.

Umpiring this year, particularly at first base, has been so bad it's started to make me think these guys are closing their eyes, making calls and crossing their fingers that the replay won't embarrass them. Why don't we teach monkeys the signs for out and safe and have the apes don those cute little umpire uniforms?

Football is just as bad. I'm not sure they know the rules half the time. Maybe it's just me, but I see defensive linemen being held on every play, then they finally call a hold and I don't see anything on replay. These roughing the passer penalties are a joke, but pass interference is the worst. We have now reached the point where WRs can draw penalties without even being touched.

The NBA had a referee a crooked referee doing games, so I don't think I really need to bother going into much detail there.

And the lack of accountability is amazing as well. Players and coaches get fined for any critical remark they make about officiating, and 9 times out of 10 the media doesn't even get a chance to speak to these guys after games. If a player has to stand at his locker and get grilled after a mistake, why should the referees get a free pass? I actually think people are starting to take more and more notice of this, so the free passes might be running out.

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