Nick Snake-ban

I just heard Nick Saban snap at the media during a press conference, talking about how he isn't concerned about winning a national title, he just wants his team to play "its best football." He added, with a nasty edge in his voice, that he wishes the media wouldn't ask his team about winning the championship.

Who is he kidding? He wants reporters to ask his team about something other than the possibility of winning the title before they play in the title game? The "I'm going to act like a jerk to take pressure off my team" act is really old.

This guy really rubs me the wrong way. He takes himself way too seriously, and he just oozes slime. If you get a chance to watch Sportscenter tonight, look out for the clip from his press conference and tell me it doesn't make you mildly furious.

Texas vs. Alabama...wow. I'll be rooting against both.

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