What a Shock

Wow - Brett Favre is making a mess again. I'm stunned.

We've learned over the last few days that Favre has been in a little tiff with Brad Childress primarily over the control each has over the offense. Former teammate Leroy Butler called Favre a diva today as if that's some kind of breaking news.

It amazes me that Favre continues to get away with this stuff. He's become insufferable over the last few years between the fake retirements, throwing the Jets under the bus before this season and now this. He acts like he's Michael Jordan, and while I admit he's a great player and an obvious hall-of-famer, he's not on the Jordan level.

I'm sure people like Mr. Buckner will tell me how crazy I am, that Favre is the man. I'm sorry, but to me he's become a whiny jerk. Don't look now, but Minnesota, who many people thought was the best team in football a few weeks ago, has looked very average in recent weeks.

As Favre continues to be a distraction and his level of play declines late in the season as it has in recent years, I'll be looking forward to watching him ride out of the playoffs and into the sunset.

Until he un-retires again.

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