"You're slumping, I have something for you"

The last time I saw Mark McGwire, he was making a fool of himself in front of Congress refusing to admit what everyone already knew. He was a juicer. He was a fraud. And he wouldn’t own up to it despite getting repeated chances.

Now comes a report that McGwire is returning to baseball as the Cardinals hitting coach.

McGwire is a decent guy who made a mistake. Well, even that is questionable since he made millions of dollars by cheating. So maybe he was smart. He shouldn’t be in jail and he didn’t ruin the game. Steroids were all over, and he was just one of the hundreds of cheats.

But someone with zero credibility who made a mockery of the essence of playing by the rules shouldn’t be given an official job working for major league team.

What are McGwire’s qualifications? The guy was a one-dimensional slugger whose career was spiraling out of control before he started going nuts with Andro. Exactly what advice is he going to give a struggling ballplayer? You need to up your dosage?

He still hasn’t come clean about his use, has never paid any coaching dues in the minor leagues, and was never known to be an especially smart hitter.

If he really wants to get back into the game, he better come prepared with some better answers than “I’m not here to talk about the past” or this will be a recurring disaster.

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