Bigot receives undeserving honor

Is the Miami Heat so desperate to put something up in the rafters that they need to resort to retiring Tim Hardaway’s jersey? I honestly thought this was some sort of joke.

Start with the fact that his career didn’t come anywhere close to warranting such an honor, but after he retired, he revealed himself to be a bigot when he said he hated gay people.

Sometimes, you don’t get points for honesty.

And his apology was pathetic too, simply saying that he put himself in a difficult situation rather than acknowledging how hateful his remarks were.

As a player don’t get me wrong, Hardaway had some nice years with the Heat. His killer crossover was definitely sick, but he never even led the Heat to a championship or even a finals appearance. He played all of five full seasons with Miami.

When are the Warriors going to retire Latrell Spreewell’s jersey?

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