Help is not on the way

So the Yankees weren’t quite Pedro Martinez’ daddy, but once again, he failed to beat them in the Bronx.

It’s been the same thing repeatedly for Petey when he faces the Yankees at the Stadium in the playoffs: He stays in the game for too long and gives up runs long after he should be washing that Jheri curl. Happened again yesterday.

Look, I don’t blame Pedro. He’s a competitor. A crazy competitor at that. So when the skipper asks him if he can get three more outs, he always says yes. He figures his worn down arm is still better than some journeyman middle reliever.

But why do fools like Grady Little and Chuck Manuel continue to send him out to the mound when everyone can tell his stuff isn’t nearly what it was in the early innings?

That’s their one important job: Noticing when a pitcher doesn’t have it anymore and giving him the hook.

Paging Chuck Manuel: Petey isn’t 25 anymore. He was on the beach in the Dominican getting his tan on for most of the season.

Be decisive. Don’t even ask him how he’s feeling. Get off your butt and bring in a fresh arm. And maybe you’d be up 2-0 instead of tied.

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