Not So Dandy

Can a coach possibly embarrass himself during a 27-17 win over a division rival on the road? It appears so.

Clear the doorway, folks: Enter Andy Reid. 

The Eagles coach clings to his laminated play sheet like it's a three-foot long meatball sub. Apparently, the shiny goodness had him mesmerized. Only then could I possibly fathom how Reid — up 27-10 with about four minutes to play — possibly called a pass on second-and-13 from his own 6. The game was over, yet somehow Andy decided to go for it. Go for what, guy? Extra marinara?

If you saw the game, you, too, probably shared this thought: When Donovan McNabb's pass fell incomplete, the clock stopped and Washington saved a time out, Reid would immediately relaize the errors of his ways. Nope. He passed again. This time the play turned into an utter disaster. Philly was called for a hold right at the goal line that nearly resulted in a safety! What??? A safety that would've allowed a Redskins team thinking about dinner plans to get within two scores without possessing the ball. Just incalculably dumb. You wonder if Reid's play sheet is actually a Garfield comic.

Of course, the 'Skins stink. Reid never paid for his blunder. Jon Gruden and Ron Jaworski gave it a passing mention, nothing more, perhaps too distracted by the Redskins suckitude.

Reid wasn't. The big man was too busy jonesing for Jon's lasagna.

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