Time to let go

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently expressed interest in buying the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was told by the team's ownership group that the team was not for sale.

Poor Pittsburgh.

Cuban has certainly had his clownish moments over the years, but he would provide something for Pirates fans they haven't had in years - hope. Why would Pirates ownership want to continue torturing its fans? Any time the Pirates have a young player with any ability, they trade that player to avoid having to give him a substantial contract.

This is what's wrong with baseball. Pirates fans, if any remain, go into every season knowing the team will be putrid. Pittsburgh has finished within five games of .500 only once in the last 10 years, and there isn't any reason to believe it will get better. Sure, Cuban might do something dumb every once in awhile, but more importantly, he will make the Pirates a relevant franchise again.

Pirates ownership should do what's right and sell the team. It's good for the city, good for the franchise and good for baseball. But alas, it seems it won't happen. Pirates fans are doomed to watch bad baseball for years to come.

No wonder there are so many Steelers fans out there.

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