Talk and say nothing

Brian Kelly won't comment about interest from Notre Dame. Tiger Woods won't answer any questions from the media. Roy Halladay needs any trade resolved before Spring Training so he can avoid the "distraction" of a possible trade.

It's pathetic and funny at the same time. The media really isn't that scary. Even the big bad New York media.

Athletes and coaches should take a page out of the Derek Jeter book if they don't want to be forthcoming. He is in front of his locker before and after every game and "answers" every question. Even the annoying ones. In reality, he never says anything other than cliches, yet no one ever really gives him a hard time for his boring answers. He doesn't raise his voice, doesn't appear exasperated, and doesn't create and adversarial situation.

All these athletes and coaches who refuse to comment and lecture the media about what is important and what isn't just put more attention on themselves.

When Brian Kelly is asked about Notre Dame, he shouldn't give a soliloquy on why it's NOT a distraction. He should just answer the question. Even if he isn't forthcoming, the media won't press him. Any answer will suffice.

Tiger Woods should have held a brief press conference following his car accident. If there were questions about possible marital problems, he could just answer by saying he doesn't want to talk about personal issues. Once he says that in a calm voice, there won't be follow ups. Releasing a statement on a Web site just adds to the curiosity.

It's very easy to reveal virtually nothing in an interview. And if it's done tactfully, no one will get the sense that there is anything to hide.

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