Colt McCoy played a pathetic game against Nebraska today, and if he wins the Heisman I will no longer consider it a legitimate award.

Nebraska was literally one second from winning. I really wanted Texas out. Such a dagger.

We were so close to getting either TCU or Cincinnati into the BCS title game, but instead Boise, Cincy and the Frogs will all get screwed as Texas and Alabama go to the big game. I'm sorry, Alabama was very impressive today, but you can't tell me that those other three teams wouldn't have a chance to play with Texas, especially TCU which destroyed two ranked teams and won at Clemson this year.

Once again, college football really stinks. On a day where the No. 1 and No. 2 teams in the country played and there were three other games - UCONN-USF, Texas-Nebraska, Clemson-Georgia Tech - that went down to the wire, all we're left with is a feeling of emptiness as the computers (think about that) will likely put two powerhouses in the title game.

How is that the college football hasn't been able to create a better system than this? I won't consider watching anything but the title game, and even that's a sham, because again, three undefeated, very good teams are left out in the cold. Yawn.

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