No mo' Mangino

Well, it turns out a coach can't use the near-death of a loved one as a threat to motivate one of his players. Who knew?

Thankfully, we found out today that one of the biggest snakes in college football is gone. Mark Mangino has resigned as the coach at Kansas.

Read those last two sentences over. To rank someone among the top snakes in college football is saying something, considering the likes of Bobby "Turncoat" Petrino, Nick "The Backdoor Negotiator" Saban and Urban "Fleece My School for Every Last Penny" Meyer still roam sidelines across the country.

But let's be real. If Mangino never resigned, maybe he'd have some (severely-indented) ground to stand on. Once he skips Lawrence, he has basically admitted many of the allegations against him were true, and boy were they doozies.

I will not bore you with the whole laundry list, just the dirtiest, most disgusting item, one allegation I sincerely hope is not true but will repeat for your reading pleasure.

After watching former wideout Raymond Brown drop a pass in practice, Mangino had this delightful response to an apologetic Brown: "'Shut up!' He said, 'If you don't shut up, I'm going to send you back to St. Louis so you can get shot with your homies."

This is the story Brown told ESPN.com's Joe Schad last week. Brown happens to be the same guy whose younger brother had been shot in St. Louis. Oh, that silly Mangino.

So, to Mangino, the man with more chins than the Octomom's nursery, goodbye and good riddance.

Yes, the eateries in greater Kansas will miss you, but we sure won't.

UPDATE: Oops. Missed another story about Scum-gino's madness. The Raymond Brown story shows the coach's lack of humanity. This story proves it in another way entirely. Disgusting.

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