Time to call it quits

Shaq has been one of my favorite athletes since he burst on the scene with Orlando years ago. As much as it pains me to say this, it's time for the big man to retire.

The Cavs lost to the lowly Bobcats tonight, dropping their record to 6-4 with O'Neal in the lineup. Cleveland is 5-1 without Shaq. The Big Aristotle is a solid 50 lbs. overweight, slow and a shell of his former self as a player.

Bringing Shaq in was probably Cleveland's attempt to show LeBron it's committed to providing him with a supporting cast good enough to win a title. Unfortunately, Shaq isn't really any better than the big men the Cavs had last year.

So, Big Luggage, I'm pleading with you - don't hang on for years after your prime and force us to watch you bumble around clumsily under the basket. We've seen too many elite athletes play until they're so ineffective they have to retire because nobody wants them.

Please, Wilt Chamberneezy, don't let this be you.

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